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Repurchase of gold

Repurchase of gold

Give us your trust and we will ensure a first-rate and quick service as well as great prices of gold. The selling procedure is very simple and it is done in all Dodić jewelry stores in Zagreb, Split and Rakovica. Bring the jewelry you want to sell, and our professional staff will determine the level of purity and weight and will ensure you receive the best possible price in Croatia.

333 8 kt 14,90 €/g 112,26 kn/g
375 9 kt 17,30 €/g 130,35 kn/g
416 10 kt 19,50 €/g 146,92 kn/g
585 14 kt 29,00 €/g 218,50 kn/g
750 18 kt 38,60 €/g 290,83 kn/g
833 20 kt 43,20 €/g 325,40 kn/g
900 21,6 kt 47,00 €/g 354,12 kn/g
916 22 kt 47,80 €/g 360,15 kn/g
986 23,6 kt 52,00 €/g 391,79 kn/g
999 24 kt 53,00 €/g 399,33 kn/g

The stated prices per gram of gold are set for all Dodić jewelry stores on 18 January 2023 and are valid until conditions change.

Engrave your chosen piece of jewelry for free with one of the three suggested fonts. Order your jewelry on time, because it takes three to five working days from the day of order payment confirmation to deliver personalized jewelry.

  • Free Engraving
  • Free Engraving

At the Dodić Diamonds store at Ilica 46, Zagreb, we make personalized jewelry for you. Send us sketches or photos of the desired piece of jewelry via email, social media or personaly. Before making unique jewelry models, we will visualize them using a special program and create a 3D model of jewelry to make sure that we have paid attention to all the details together before the actual production. We will involve you in all stages of the process of making unique jewelry.

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Modeling

With each purchase of Dodić jewelry, you will receive a printed jewelry quality certificate that records the details of your purchase and guarantees the specified jewelry quality. The issued jewelry quality certificate has the same importance as the issued receipt, which we recommend that you keep with every purchase. Jewelry with diamonds and (semi)precious stones has a special certificate that additionally explains the purity, weight, cut and color of the stone that is an integral part of the selected/made jewelry.

  • Certified Jewelry
  • Certified Jewelry
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